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Chinatown International District’s Beloved Night Market Takes a Pause Seattle City

The reason behind this tough decision is a combination of challenges, including a lack of sponsors and rising costs. Originally scheduled for today, the CID Night Market’s cancellation has left many, including local businesses like Crawfish King, a Vietnamese-Cajun seafood restaurant in the CID and a longtime market vendor, feeling devastated.

“I was truly heartbroken,” shared Truong Nguyen, the marketing manager of Crawfish King. “The CID has been getting blows left and right, and this is like a knockout.”

Indeed, the CID has faced its fair share of challenges, including safety concerns, issues related to drug use, economic development, and disputes over the placement of a new light-rail stop. The night market had been a beacon of positivity amid these concerns, offering a vibrant celebration of Asian culture, food, and community. Its cancellation this year is a somber note in the midst of ongoing trials.Chinatown International District’s Beloved Night Market Takes a Pause.

This cancellation also comes on the heels of a less-than-expected boost in sales and foot traffic during this summer’s MLB All-Star weekend and Taylor Swift concerts. The community, along with local business owners, had hoped for a brighter economic outlook, but unfortunately, it didn’t materialize as expected.

However, there’s a glimmer of hope for the future. Manish Singh, expressed that the nonprofit is determined to bring back the CID Night Market when it is in a better financial position and can sustainably fund the event. Singh revealed that this year, they needed at least $50,000 in sponsorships to run the night market, and these sponsorships have declined across all their events since the pandemic began in 2020.

In essence, the cancellation of the CID Night Market is not a farewell but a “see you later.” The vibrant spirit of this community event will undoubtedly be missed this year, but the hope remains that it will return stronger and more celebratory than ever once the challenges are overcome.

As we reflect on this temporary setback, let’s cherish the memories of past night markets and look forward to a time when the streets of Chinatown International District will once again be filled with the joyous atmosphere of the CID Night Market. Until then, let’s continue to support our local businesses and nurture the spirit of community that makes the CID so special.Chinatown International District’s Beloved Night Market Takes a Pause.



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